Industrializing Data Science.

We make software to manage machine learning models and create well-governed analytics factories.

Who We Are?

Data Scientists • Software Engineers • Business Experts

JUMP offers tailored software solutions and advisory to assist organizations industrialize advanced analytics.
Bringing best practices from software development to data science, we make tools to manage AI processes by overseeing the development, deployment and performance of machine learning models.

JUMP uses open-source technologies and adapts seamlessly to client environments to minimize integration efforts.
We standardize and streamline the model lifecycle using workflows that connect business, data science and IT.

Experienced Team

Our core team brings extensive experience in data science, big data engineering and business analysis from some of the world's leading companies.
We are complemented by a network of specialists to help your organisation benefit from cutting edge analytics.

Unbiased Analytics

Transparency, Honesty and Quality

We are technology agnostic, open-source enthusiastic, and our objective is to always create long-term value to our clients by providing unbiased advice and quality solutions.

What we do?

Industrializing Data Science

JUMP model manager

Industrialize your analytics with minimal disruption and cost

JUMP software manages the full lifecycle of machine learning models by standardizing, facilitating and overseeing their development, deployment and performance. The software:

• Configures missing analytics factory components and enables missing capabilities

• Organizes machine learning model’s journey between the components through tailored workflows

• Governs the system

Rich features

• Organization of the ML work process into streamlined, customized workflows
• Control and change tracking over model code, teamwork and code reviews
• Tracking of model metrics, hyperparameters etc. to support model improvement and selection
• Fast and scalable model serving
• Monitoring of model usage and performance, alerting
• Interpretations for model output
• Facilitation of automated build, test and deployment

Unique value

• Shortened time to deployment in production
• Continuous improvement in quality of deployed models
• Auditability
• Increased transparency and tighter collaboration between Business, Data Science and IT

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